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AUDIT ENGAGEMENT LETTER The Board of Directors, Company Name Address. Dear Sirs, Re.:   AUDIT ENGAGEMENT LETTER The purpose of this letter is to confirm our understanding of the terms of our appointment to audit the Balance Sheet of Company Name.(“the Company”) and the related Statement of Profit and Loss, Cash flow statement and notes thereon collectively referred to as… Read More »

Format of Directors Report

Format of Directors Report . It is only to read. Make necessary amendment to use as format                                  DIRECTORS REPORT To, The Members, Your Directors have pleasure in presenting the ………th Annual Report of your company along with the Audited Financial Statements for… Read More »

Draft offer letter for Right issue

Draft offer letter for Right issue, Application for Right Issue and letter of renunciation. If you want to raise further share capital than these draft letters may be useful. DRAFT OFFER LETTER FOR RIGHT ISSUE  Name of the Company Regd. Office: _________________________________________ Notice / Letter of offer To, Issue of ……..00 equity shares of Rs.… Read More »

Annual Compliance for Listed Company

Annual Compliance for Listed Company under Companies Act, 2013. S. No. Section & Rules Particular of Compliance 1. Receipt of MBP-1 184(1) Form MBP- 1 Every Director of the Company in First Meeting of the Board of Director in each Financial Year will disclose his interest in other entities. Every Director is required to submit with the… Read More »

Expedite disposal of pending rectification under section154 CBDT

CBDT asks Pr. CIT and Chief CIT to expedite disposal of pending rectification applications F. No. DGIT (s)-3/AST/Pending Rectifications/92/2015-16/135 Dated 10.08.2015 To All the Principal Chief Commissioners of Income-Tax / Chief Commissioners of Income-Tax Sir/ Madam, List of pending Rectifications u/s 154 of I.T. Act in demand cases as on 22.07.2015 – reg. Kindly refer… Read More »


INVESTMENT IN SHARES OUTSIDE INDIA INVESTMENT IN FOREIGN SECURITY Question : What are the types of Investment in foreign security ? Transfer or issue of foreign security has three aspects. – (a) Issue of ADR/GDR/FCCB (b) Investment in Joint Venture/Wholly Owned Subsidiary abroad (JV/WOS) (c) Investment by Indian resident or body corporate. Provisions relating to all… Read More »

Financial Statement of Companies

Q : What is the definition of Financial Statement  as per Companies act 2013 ? According to section 2(40) ( Enforced with effect from 12-9-2013.) of the 2013 Act, in relation to a company, the term “financial statement” includes: (i)           a balance sheet as at the end of the financial year; (ii)          a… Read More »

Competition Act allows compromise or settlement

Competition Act allows compromise or settlement between parties subject to scrutiny of CCI Competition Act, 2002: Scheme of the Competition Act, 2002 allows the parties to enter into a compromise or settlement, but the same shall be subject to a scrutiny by the Commission, for examining whether public interest would continue to suffer and whether the… Read More »

Haryana VAT Reassessment and revision period extended

Recently, Haryana Value Added Tax, 2003 has been amended vide Ordinance issued by the Governor dated 31.7.15 published vide Notification No Leg. 9/2015 dated 3rd August 2015. The concerned amendment is effective with effect from 3rd August 2015. The major amendment increasing time limits for conducting assessment/ reassessment/ revision are laid down as below Section… Read More »

Payment of Agency Commission Conduct of Govt Business by Banks

RBI/2015-16/153 DGBA.GAD.No. 617/31.12.010(C)/2015-16 August 13, 2015 The Chairman/Chief Executive Officer All Agency Banks Dear Sir / Madam, Conduct of Government Business by Agency Banks – Payment of Agency Commission Please refer to paragraphs 2 to 7 of our Master Circular No RBI /2015-16/81 dated July 01, 2015 on the captioned subject, wherein government transactions eligible… Read More »

Transferee Company can change its name

Q Can the Transferee Company can change its name as per Amalgamation Scheme without adhering to Companies Act ? Where scheme of amalgamation provided that name of transferee company would be deemed to have been changed to name of transferor company but Regional Director raised an objection that transferee company would follow Procedures and Rules… Read More »