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Casual Taxable Person under Model GST Law of India :Guide

Casual Taxable Person Casual Taxable Person as per Model GST Law (section 2(21) (21) “casual taxable person” means a person who occasionally undertakes transactions involving supply of goods and/or services in the course or furtherance of  business whether as principal, agent or in any other capacity, in a taxable territory where he has no fixed… Read More »

Section – 31D Copyright Act 1957-Licence for broadcasting of literary and musical works and sound recording

Section – 31D COPYRIGHT ACT 1957 Statutory licence for broadcasting of literary and musical works and sound recording 31D. (1) Any broadcasting organisation desirous of communicating to the public by way of a broadcast or by way of performance of a literary or musical work and sound recording which has already been published may do… Read More »

Service Tax Registration : A Complete Guide

Service Tax Registration  Who are the persons liable to pay service tax and take Service Tax Registration Service Tax (Registration of Special Category of Persons) Rules, 2005 have been issued under these provisions. Following will require registration as per the Rules – (a) Input Service Distributors (b) Service provider who is exempt but whose aggregate… Read More »

Service Tax Interest Rate Chart

Service Tax Interest Rate Service Tax Interest Rate: From 14.05.2016 Interest payable for delayed payment of Service Tax is 15%. However, if assessee has collected service tax but did not deposit it with Government, interest rate will be 24% – Notification No. 13/2016-ST dated 1-3-2016 effective from 14th May, 2016. In case of small service… Read More »

CBEC Warns Its Employees Over GST Policies Criticism

New Delhi: The central board of excise and customs (CBEC) has warned its employees of disciplinary action if they indulge in criticism of the government GST policies. The move comes after Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise) officers and All India Association of Central Excise Gazetted Executive Officers among others suggested changes in Goods… Read More »

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Products generated out of ship breaking is not Scrap, Not liable for TCS u/s 206C

Held A perusal of the paragraph-6 of the above judgment, would indicate that certain items generated out of ship breaking activity might be known commercially as “scrap” but they are not waste and scrap. These items are re-usable as such, and therefore, would not fall within the definition of “scrap” as envisaged in the Explanation… Read More »

Ban on circulation of trading tips via social media – Key Points of SEBI Paper

Ban on circulation of trading tips via social media The SEBI has issued consultation paper( C larifications to the SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013 ) proposing amendments or clarifications to the investment adviser regulations. The objective of the consultation paper is to specify uniform standards across all the intermediaries/persons engaged in providing investment advisory services irrespective of whether… Read More »

Anti Dumping in India-Concept and Procedure -FAQ’s

Anti Dumping I. Anti-Dumping – Meaning and Concept II. Anti-Dumping Procedure III. Miscellaneous Matters I. Anti-Dumping – Meaning and Concept Q. 1. What is anti dumping? What is its purpose in International Trade? Ans. Dumping is said to occur when the goods are exported by a country to another country at a price lower than… Read More »

Registration requirements under GST

Registration requirements under GST Turnover for GST Registration of New taxable person :– Every supplier shall be liable to be registered under GST in the State from where he makes a taxable supply of goods and/or services if his aggregate turnover in a financial year exceeds Rs 20 lakhs. (as per GST Council decision). However, if supplier is engaged in business… Read More »