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GST compliance rating under GST (India) : Key Points

GST Compliance Rating Key Points about GST compliance rating Coverage:- GST compliance rating  is covered under Section 116 of Model GST Law GST compliance rating for  Every taxable person :- Every taxable person shall be assigned a GST compliance rating score based on his record of compliance with the provisions of this Act. Parameters for GST compliance rating :-… Read More »

GST Registration (India): Examples and Analysis

GST Registration Provisions for GST Registration Process Chapter VI of the Model GST Law Schedule III of the Model GST Law Report of Joint Committee on Business Processes on GST Registration Draft  GST Registration Rules Draft  GST Registrations Formats FAQ’s on GST Registration Benefits of taking GST Registration  Timely GST Registration will give you ITC on Stock  held preceding the… Read More »

Appeals to CIT(Appeals) : Procedure

APPEALS TO COMMISSIONER (APPEALS) [SECTIONS 246A TO 249] Appealable orders for filing Appeals to CIT(Appeals) section 246A  (1) Any assessee or any deductor or any collector aggrieved by any of the following orders (whether made before or after the appointed day) may appeal to the Commissioner (Appeals) against— (a)          an order  passed by a Joint Commissioner under clause… Read More »

No deduction u/s 115JB if brought forward loss or unabsorbed depreciation becomes Nil

If either the loss brought forward or unabsorbed depreciation is nil, then the assessee is not allowable any deduction under this clause for computing the book profit under section 115JB. IN THE ITAT PANAJI BENCH Indian Furniture Products Ltd. v. Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax, Circle-2, Goa N.S. SAINI, ACCOUNTANT MEMBER AND GEORGE MATHAN, JUDICIAL MEMBER… Read More »

GST Registration (India)- Instruction for filling Application for New Registration

Instruction for filling Application for New Registration. Form GST REG 01 (Application for Registration under Section 19(1) of Goods and Services Tax Act, 20–) has been prescribed for filling Application for New Registration under GST of India List of documents to be uploaded as evidence for filling Application for New Registration under GST (GST REG 01 ) Photographs (wherever… Read More »

GST (India) Impact on Exports

GST Impact on Exports Provision in GST for Export GST  should be paid in the first place by exporters but those exporters who are entitled to exemptions could take refunds. GST Impact on Export Substantial amount of working capital would be locked in the process of paying duties and then taking refunds. Form GST RFD 01 has… Read More »