235 companies violated Deemed public issues rules : SEBI

By | June 7, 2016
(Last Updated On: June 7, 2016)

PR No. 109/2016

Caution to the Investors

  1. Some unlisted companies are luring retail investors by issuing  securities  including non-convertible and convertible debentures/ non-convertible and convertible preference  shares/ equity shares in the garb of private placement,  without  complying with the provisions of Companies Act, 1956 read  with  the Companies Act, 2013, SEBI (Issue and Listing of  Debt Securities), Regulations, 2008, SEBI (Issue and Listing of  Non-Convertible  Redeemable Preference Shares), Regulations, 2013 and SEBI (Issue of capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2009.
  2. Any offer of securities made to 50 or more persons has to be construed as a “Public Offer” under the provisions of Companies Act, 1956.
  3. Under Companies Act, 2013, “Private Placement” shall be made only to such persons whose names are recorded by the company prior to the invitation to subscribe.  Further, in case of private placements, the company shall not release any public advertisements or utilise any media, marketing or distribution channels or agents to inform the public at large about such an offer. Further, such offer or invitation shall not be made to more than 200 persons in the aggregate in a financial year.
  4. As per the provisions of Companies Act, 2013 and SEBI Regulations, no issuer shall make public issue of these securities, unless it has made application to the recognized Stock Exchange(s) for listing of such securities. Further, the issuer, among the other things, is required to file the offer document with RoC/Stock Exchange/SEBI etc. The issuer has to make disclosures about the issuer company, the promoters of the company, the risk factors etc.
  5. SEBI has taken action against 235 (as on May 31, 2016)  such entities for issuance of securities in the form of non-convertible and convertible preference shares/ non-convertible and convertible debentures/ equity shares to public, without complying with the prescribed provisions of law as referred in Para 1, 2, 3 & 4 above.
  6. List of the Companies against whom orders have been passed by SEBI is given below with this press release. The orders are also available on SEBI website at www.sebi.gov.in
  7. SEBI has also passed orders against entities/ individuals who have acted as debenture trustees for debt issuance of companies without being registered with SEBI as Debenture Trustee as per SEBI Act, 1992.
  8. Companies are cautioned not to issue securities to public without complying with provisions of law as referred in Para 1, 2, 3 & 4 above, failing which SEBI will be constraint to take stringent action against such companies and their directors.
  9. Investors are also cautioned not to subscribe to such issues. Investors are advised to see whether any such entity has filed offer document or filed application with Stock Exchange for listing.
  10. Individuals/Entities acting as Debenture Trustees without being registered with SEBI, are advised not to act in the said capacity.
Order passed in respect of Deemed public issues as on May 31, 2016
Sr. No.Name of the EntityRegistered office of  the EntityDate of Order
1Kunnamkulam Paper Mills LtdKerala10.04.2003
2Sahara India Real Estate Corporation LtdUttar Pradesh23.06.2011
3Sahara Housing Investment Corporation LtdMaharshtra23.06.2011
4SGI Research & Analysis Ltd.Delhi11.01.2013
5Prayag Infotech Hi-rise LimitedWest Bengal 30.09.2013 18.02.2014
6Vibgyor Allied Infrastructure LtdWest Bengal20.2.2014
7Kolkata Weir Industries LimitedWest Bengal30.04.2014
8Ramel Industries LtdWest Bengal15.05.2014
9Idol India Infrastructures LimitedMadhya Pradesh19.05.2014
10Seashore Securities LtdOdisha23.07.2014
11I core Eservices LtdWest Bengal25.07.2014
12Regenix Drugs LimitedTamil Nadu10.11.2014
13Real Tulip India LimitedMadhya Pradesh11.11.2014
14Angel Rural Deveopment LimitedMadhya Pradesh21.11.2014
15NVD Solar LimitedWest Bengal27.11.2014
16Midas Touch Assets & Securities LimitedOdisha09.12.2014
17Option One Industries LtdMadhya Pradesh16.12.2014
18Golden Life Agro India LimitedWest Bengal07.01.2015
19Micro Finance LtdOdisha14.01.2015
20MPA Agro – Animals Projects LtdWest Bengal21.01.2015
21Basil International LimitedDelhi06.02.2015
22Greater Kolkata Infrastructure LimitedWest Bengal06.02.2015
23Sukhchain Hire Purchase LimitedMadhya Pradesh11.02.2015
24Adamant Infrastructure LtdMadhya Pradesh11.02.2015
25Rightmax Technotrade International LimitedKarnataka20.02.2015
26Nirmal Infrahome Corporation LtdMadhya Pradesh20.02.2015
27Target People Social Security Scheme Micro Finance LtdTamil Nadu04.03.2015
28Fishermen Development Micro Finance Ltd.Tamil Nadu04.03.2015
29ERIL Mutual Benefit India LimitedJharkhand04.03.2015
30Promotech Infratech LimitedWest Bengal05.03.2015
31Mega Mould India LimitedWest Bengal05.03.2015
32Asoka Life Science LimitedWest Bengal11.03.2015
33Real Sunshine Corp LimitedMadhya Pradesh13.03.2015
34Sunshine Hi-Tech Infracon Ltd.Gujarat17.03.2015
35GSHP Realtech LimitedWest Bengal18.03.2015
36SCL Steel Corporation LilmitedMadhya Pradesh19.03.2015
37URO Hygeinic Goods LimtedWest Bengal19.03.2015
38URO Infotech LimitedWest Bengal19.03.2015
39URO Life care LimitedWest Bengal19.03.2015
40URO Walkers LimitedWest Bengal19.03.2015
41URO Infra Realty India imitedWest Bengal19.03.2015
42KKDIL Nidhi Ltd.Odisha20.03.2015
43Shivalik Cotex LtdDelhi27.03.2015
44Green India Infra ProjectsOdisha27.03.2015
45Rhine & Raavi Credits and Holdings LimitedDelhi27.03.2015
46Equinox Infratech LimitedMadhya Pradesh30.03.2015
47Morningstar Ventures LimitedWest Bengal30.03.2015
48Fantasy Infraventure & Agrimart LimitedUttar Pradesh30.03.2015
49Mangalam Agro Products LimitedWest Bengal06.04.2015
50Mount Vision Industries India LtdMadhya Pradesh22.04.2015
51Nixcil Pharmaceuticals Specialities LimitedUttar Pradesh24.04.2015
52Sunplant Forgings LimitedWest Bengal29.04.2015
53Great Overseas Commodeal LimitedWest Bengal06.05.2015
54Suraksha Industries India LimitedBihar07.05.2015
55Nava Diganta Capital Services LimitedOdisha07.05.2015
56Waris Healthcare LimitedWest Bengal07.05.2015
57MRS Agrotech India LimitedMadhya Pradesh08.05.2015
58RBX Land Developers India LimitedMadhya Pradesh12.05.2015
59Gulshan Nirman India LimitedChhattisgarh12.05.2015
60Wasankar Wealth Management LimitedMaharashtra18.05.2015
61Verinder Finance LtdJammu & Kashmir20.05.2015
62Dolphin Universal Rural Development LimitedMadhya Pradesh27.05.2015
63Cemendia Infrastructures LimitedMadhya Pradesh29.05.2015
64Amazan Capital LimitedWest Bengal29.05.2015    25.05.2015
65Sun-Plant Business LimitedWest Bengal03.06.2015
66Neesa Technologies LimitedGujarat03.06.2015
67ASSR Agro India LimitedWest Bengal04.06.2015
68STPL Infrastructures LimitedMadhya Pradesh05.06.2015
69AVM Real Estate & Allied LimitedChhattisgarh05.06.2015
70Polaris Realtors IndiaLimitedMadhya Pradesh15.06.2015
71Bhabiswajyoti Infrastructure India LimitedMadhya Pradesh17.06.2015
72Gitanjali Udyog LimitedWest Bengal17.06.2015
73Cell Realcon Corporation LimitedMadhya Pradesh17.06.2015
74Eris Energy LimitedMadhya Pradesh18.06.2015
75Greenbang Agro LimitedWest Bengal18.06.2015
76Goldmine Agro LimitedWest Bengal19.06.2015
77Goldmine Industries LimitedMadhya Pradesh22.06.2015
78Omisha Agri Industries (India) LimitedMadhya Pradesh22.06.2015
79Waris Finance and Investment LimitedWest Bengal23.06.2015
80Jugantor Realty LimitedWest Bengal23.06.2015
81Matribhumi Projects (I) LimitedWest Bengal23.06.2015
82Annex Infrastructure India LimitedWest Bengal24.06.2015
83Active Rural Development India LimitedMadhya Pradesh25.06.2015
84United Medicine and Surgical Industries LimitedWest Bengal25.06.2015
85Angel Allied India LimitedPunjab29.06.2015
86Life Care Infrastructures India LimitedMadhya Pradesh29.06.2015
87Vishwamitra International Infra LtdMadhya Pradesh30.06.2015
88Shah Group Builders LtdMaharashtra01.07.2015
89Megasys Healthcare LimitedMadhya Pradesh02.07.2015
90Aspen Nirman India LimitedMadhya Pradesh15.07.2015
91Madurai Rural Development Transformation India LimitedTamil Nadu17.07.2015
92Madurai Rural Development Benefit Fund (India) LimitedTamil Nadu17.07.2015
93Siyaram Development and Construction LimitedKarnataka17.07.2015
94Swasata Steel Industries LimitedWest Bengal17.07.2015
95Swasata Cement LimitedWest Bengal21.07.2015
96Togo Retail Marketing LimitedDelhi22.07.2015
97Pinnacle Ventures India LimitedWest Bengal24.07.2015
98Weird Infrastructure Corporation LimitedUttar Pradesh24.07.2015
99Pailan Park Development Authority LimitedWest Bengal27.07.2015
100Pailan Agro India LimitedJammu& Kashmir27.07.2015
101DGR Farms & Leisures LtdMadhya Pradesh30.07.2015
102Kerala Housing Finance LimitedKerala31.07.2015 20.11.2015
103Rising Agrotech LimitedWest Bengal03.08.2015 16.03.2016
104Alchemist Capital Limited (formerly known as Toubro Holdings Limited)Chandigarh03.08.2015
105Kolkata Aryan Food Industries LimitedWest Bengal03.08.2015
106PAFL Industries LimitedWest Bengal05.08.2015
107Eminence Infra Projects LimitedWest Bengal06.08.2015
108Rahul Inn Hospitality LimitedBihar06.08.2015
109Skymarg Agro Industries India LimitedWest Bengal07.08.2015
110Astha India Infra-tech LimitedWest Bengal11.08.2015
111Aryan Agro Projects India LimitedWest Bengal12.08.2015
112Magnox Infraprojects LimitedWest Bengal13.08.2015
113Alchemist Holdings LtdDelhi14.08.2015
114Torsa Agro projects LtdWest Bengal14.08.2015
115Aspen Projects India LimitedWest Bengal14.08.2015
116Aditya Global Industries LimitedWest Bengal19.08.2015
117Waris Agrotech (India) LimitedWest Bengal24.08.2015
118Purusattam Infotech Industries LimitedWest Bengal25.08.2015
119Sunshine Infrabuild Corporation LtdDelhi04.09.2015
120Life Care Infra Tech LimitedUttar Pradesh14.09.2015
121Federal Agro Commercial LimitedOdisha29.09.2015
122BNP Real Estate and Allied LtdMadhya Pradesh29.09.2015
123Adorable Agrotech Ltd.West Bengal01.10.2015
124Rahul Hi Rise LimitedWest Bengal01.10.2015
125Sunheaven Agro India LimitedWest Bengal08.10.2015
126Vaastav ALR International LimitedWest Bengal09.10.2015
127Bharat Krishi Samridhi Industries LimitedWest Bengal09.10.2015
128Shine India Infra Project LimitedWest Bengal09.10.2015
129Idol India Projects LimitedWest Bengal09.10.2015
130Greenworld Agro Industries Limited [earlier known as Bangadisha Projects Limited)West Bengal12.10.2015
131Suraksha Agrotech Industries LimitedWest Bengal12.10.2015
132Just Reliable Projects India LtdWest Bengal13.10.2015
133Abyss Assam Real Estate LimitedAssam13.10.2015
134Orchid Cultivation Projects India LimitedWest Bengal15.10.2015
135Yash Dream Real Estate Ltd.Chhatisgarh15.10.2015
136Newland Agro Industries LimitedWest Bengal19.10.2015
137Infinity Realcon LimitedWest Bengal19.10.2015
138Megasys Medi Life LtdWest Bengal19.10.2015
139Weird Industries LimitedWest Bengal21.10.2015
140Falkon Industries India LimitedWest Bengal21.10.2015
141En Aromatic & Petro Chemicals Limited ( earlier known as Vamshi  Chemicals Limited)Delhi04.11.2015
142AapnaPariwar Agro Farming Developers India LimitedWest Bengal09.11.2015
143Vasundhara Realcon LimitedWest Bengal10.11.2015
144United Cosmetics Manufacturing (I) LimitedWest Bengal20.11.2015
145Suncity Infracon Corporation (India) LimitedAssam20.11.2015
146Helios Corporation LtdBihar20.11.2015
147Helios Chemicals LimitedBihar20.11.2015
148Digstar Projects LimitedWest Bengal01.12.2015
149Suraksha Family Services LimitedWest Bengal01.12.2015
150IMAX Projects India LimitedWest Bengal01.12.2015
151GreenTouch Projects LimitedWest Bengal01.12.2015
152Ramel Pharma LimitedWest Bengal02.12.2015
153Arcava Enterprises LimitedWest Bengal02.12.2015
154Swabhumi Real Estate India LimitedWest Bengal02.12.2015
155G R Agro Project LimitedWest Bengal03.12.2015
156Regal Hitech Agro Projects (India) LimitedWest Bengal03.12.2015
157Life Care Real Developers LimitedDelhi09.12.2015
158Adarsh Wealth Ventures LimitedOdisha10.12.2015
159AM Fund Managers LimitedOdisha10.12.2015
160Real Vision International LimitedOdisha10.12.2015
161Vista Management Services LimitedOdisha11.12.2015
162Hum Projects LimitedWest Bengal11.12.2015
163Moonlight Associates LimitedAssam15.12.2015
164Sarada Pleasure and Adventure LimitedBihar28.12.2015
165Multi Purpose Bios India LimitedWest Bengal29.12.2015
166Prayas Projects India LimitedWest Bengal29.12.2015
167Hahnemann Herbal LimitedOdisha30.12.2015
168Sunplant Constructions LimitedWest Bengal31.12.2015
169Krutibibha Corporation LimitedOdisha31.12.2015
170Astha Green Energy Ventures India Ltd.



171R B Horticulture & Animal Project LimitedWest Bengal08.01.2016
172Express Cultivation LimitedWest Bengal08.01.2016
173Milan and Milan International LimitedOdisha12.01.2016
174RTC Properties India LimitedWest Bengal14.01.2016
175SEBA Real Estate LimitedAssam15.01.2016
176Mondal Constructions Company LimitedWest Bengal15.01.2016
177Maxbe Green Provision LimitedWest Bengal15.01.2016
178Bharatiya Real Estate Development LtdWest Bengal21.01.2016
179Vaibhav Pariwar India Projects LimitedWest Bengal22.01.2016
180Amazan Agro Products LimitedWest Bengal22.01.2016
181MBK Business Development (India) LimitedWest Bengal04.02.2016
182Ramel Real Estate Infrastructure LtdWest Bengal08.02.2016
183Q&B Retail LtdDelhi10.02.2016
184Ambitious Diversified Projects Management LimitedWest Bengal15.02.2016
185Tresty Securities LtdOdisha16.02.2016
186Suvidha Land Developers India LimitedMadhya Pradesh16.02.2016
187SunTechno International LimitedWest Bengal17.02.2016
188Jivan Sathi Dream Projects LimitedWest Bengal17.02.2016
189Dreamland Industries LtdWest Bengal17.02.2016
190Prism Infracon LimitedWest Bengal18.02.2016
191Win Realcon LimitedWest Bengal18.02.2016
192Hooghly Agrotech LimitedWest Bengal23.02.2016
193Amrit Projects (N.E) LimitedAssam23.02.2016
194Golden Heaven Agro Project india LimitdWest Bengal23.02.2016
195Everlight Realcon Infrastructure LtdJharkhand23.02.2016
196Vikdas Industries Ltd.West Bengal24.02.2016
197MARS Agrofarm Developers LimitedWest Bengal26.02.2016
198Astha Techno Realty India LimitedWest Bengal26.02.2016
199Amrit Projects LimitedWest Bengal26.02.2016
200Infocare Infra LimitedWest Bengal01.03.2016
201Angela Agrotech LimitedWest Bengal01.03.2016
202Ravi Kiran Realty India LimitedWest Bengal01.03.2016
203Shreysth Production Industries LimitedWest Bengal02.03.2016
204Shristi Procon LimitedWest Bengal02.03.2016
205Pious Agro Industries LimitedWest Bengal02.03.2016
206I-Nova Solutions LimitedWest Bengal02.03.2016
207Rista Fisheries & Infrastructure LimitedWest Bengal02.03.2016
208Sampriti Projects LimitedWest Bengal02.03.2016
209Goldmine Food Products LimitedWest Bengal02.03.2016
210Polaris Agro Industries LimitedWest Bengal02.03.2016
211Silicon Projects LimitedWest Bengal03.03.2016
212Shankalp Food and Beverages LimitedWest Bengal04.03.2016
213Jeevan Suraksha Real Estate LimitedWest Bengal16.03.2016 20.05.2016
214Swarnabhumi Developers LimitedWest Bengal16.03.2016
215Roofer Infa-Projects LimitedWest Bengal18.03.2016
216Subha Commercial Services LimitedTripura22.03.2016
217Progress Cultivation LimitedWest Bengal22.03.2016
218Micro Leasing and funding LtdOdisha31.03.2016
219Chakra Infrastructure LimitedWest Bengal20.04.2016                         22 04.2016
220Real Agri Industries and Services LimitedWest Bengal20.04.2016
221Dynamic Asset Management LimitedOdisha20.04.2016
222SLB Invest (India) LimitedOdisha22.04.2016
223Mass Infra Realty LimitedWest Bengal25.04.2016
224Phenix Properties LimitedAssam27.04.2016
225Sankalp Projects LimitedWest Bengal28.04.2016
226Tribhuvan Agro projects LtdWest Bengal28.04.2016
227ATM Agro Industries India LimitedWest Bengal29.04.2016
228ATM Agro Projects India LimitedWest Bengal02.05.2016
229GBC Enterprise LimitedWest Bengal06.05.2016
230Affiance Industries LimitedWest Bengal09.05.2016
231Cell Industries LimitedWest Bengal12.05.2016
232Bishal Horticulture & Animal Projects LimitedWest Bengal16.05.2016
233Bishal Distillers LimitedWest Bengal16.05.2016
234Bishal Agri–Bio Industries LimitedWest Bengal16.05.2016
235Bishal Abasan India LimitedWest Bengal16.05.2016


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