Accounts and Records under GST

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Accounts and Records under GST

Books accounts records gst

Who to maintain Accounts and Records under GST

The every person who get himself registered under Model GST Law [ section 42 of Model GST Law]

What to maintain in Accounts and Records under GST

 True and Correct Account of

I. Production or manufacture of Goods

II. inward or outward supply of goods and/or services

III. stock of goods

IV. input tax credit availed

V. output tax payable and paid

VI. such other particulars as may be prescribed

The above list of records are not exhaustive, the commissioner or Chief Commissioner may add some more records to be maintained.

Where to maintain in Accounts and Records under GST

This records shall be kept at place of business

But if Registered Person (RP) has more than one place of business then accounts relates to each place of business shall be kept at same place of business only.

Example- A is registered under Delhi and having four place of business in Delhi itself. Then he will maintain accounts for all four such place at these place only.

How to maintain in Accounts and Records under GST

Such Account and Records shall be maintained in Electronically in the manner as may be prescribed. It means records shall be made in computer only. Manual book keeping is not allowed.


Those who may not keep records electronically , then they may approach to Commissioner or Chief Commissioner to permit them for to do so.He may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, permit such class of taxable persons to maintain accounts in such manner as may be prescribed

Audit of Accounts and Records under GST

Every registered taxable person whose turnover during a financial year exceeds the prescribed limit shall get his accounts   audited by Chartered or Cost Accountant. And submit Audit report at the time of filing of Annual Return by end of December next to closure of Financial Year under Section 30 of Model GST LawThe manner and other document to submit shall be prescribed

Period for which Accounts and Records under GST needs to be maintained 

The Records and Accounts as specified in section 42 shall be kept for the period of 60 month from the last date of filing of Annual Return (i.e Sept of following year.) [secton 43(1)]

However in case where any appeal/revision/ or any other proceeding made before appellate Authority /Tribunal of Court then the books of account and other records pertaining to the subject matter of such appeal or revision or proceeding shall be kept for a period of one year after final disposal of such appeal or revision or proceeding, or for the period specified under sub-section (1), whichever is later

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