Appointment of Auditor and Filing ADT-1

By | November 23, 2015

I got appointed as statutory auditor in a Private Limited Company on 25th August 2015. Previous auditor has given NOC but till now I have not filed Form ADT-1 and other ROC filing due to confusion in filing Form ADT-1. Like whether I have to attach Form ADT-3 also or not, whether I have to file 2 Form ADT-1 i.e. For the period upto this 30th Sept (date of AGM) and next for 5 years i.e. upto 30th Sept 2020. Please advise me.

Answer: Previous Auditor of the Company is required to file Form ADT-3 attaching the copy of his Resignation letter addressed to the Company. And you are required to file Form ADT-1 regarding your appointment as Statutory Auditor of Company from the date of appointment for next five financial years (including current financial year).

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