Census 2011 data on disabled population

By | July 15, 2016
(Last Updated On: July 15, 2016)

RGI releases Census 2011 data on disabled population

The Registrar General of India (RGI) releases Census 2011 data on disabled population by type of disability, educational level and sex here today.

Out of the total disabled population of 2.68 crores in Census 2011, 1.46 crores (54.5%) are literates and the remaining 1.22 crores (45.5%) are illiterates. One decade ago, the percentage of literates among disabled population was 49.3% and the remaining 50.7% were illiterates. The comparative position of disabled population by literacy status, educational level among literates and sex for Census 2001 & 2011, as given below, shows that not only the percentage of literates has increased for both males and females during the decade 2001-2011 but also their attainment in higher educational levels has improved.

Percentage distribution of Disabled Population by Literacy status, Educational level among Literates and Sex, 2001-2011
Literacy status/Educational level20012011
Percentage to disabled population
Percentage to Total Literates
Literate but below primary26.525.029.919.418.321.5
Primary but below middle26.425.628.124.323.525.8
Middle but below matric/secondary16.016.614.816.717.315.8
Matric/Secondary but below graduate20.021.516.923.624.921.2
Graduate and above6.
Note: ‘Literate’ includes figures for ‘literates without educational level’ and ‘educational levels not classified’.


The relative position of literacy status and educational levels among literates by various types of disability of Census 2011 are presented below:

Literacy Status & Educational Levels among Literate Disabled Population by type of Disability, 2011
Literacy status/Educational levelIn seeingIn hearingIn speechIn movementMental retardationMental illnessAny otherMultiple disability
Percentage to disabled population
Percentage to total Literates
Literate but below primary20.818.920.816.328.119.017.927.4
Primary but below middle24.623.723.624.626.925.623.326.7
Middle but belowmatric/secondary16.316.215.118.814.718.916.914.5
Matric/Secondary but below graduate23.124.523.625.615.621.824.616.4
Graduate and above8.
Note: ‘Literate’ includes figures for ‘literates without educational level’ and ‘educational levels not classified’.


For details, please visit www.censusindia.gov.in

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