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By | November 25, 2015
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Domain NameWhat is Domain name ?

Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain name represents about a IP addresses (IP address is a 32-bit numeric address written as four numbers separated by periods. Each number can be zero to 255. For example, could be an IP address.)  Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages.

Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which top level domain (TLD) it belongs to. There are only a limited number of such domains. For example:

  • .gov – Government agencies
  • .edu – Educational institutions
  • .org – Organizations (nonprofit)
  • .mil – Military
  • .com – commercial business
  • .net – Network organizations
  • .ca – Canada
  • .th – Thailand
  • .in– India
  • What is Domain name Registration ?

    The only way to register and start using a domain name is to use the services of a domain name registrar. The domain name industry is regulated and overseen by ICANN ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ) , the organization that is responsible for certifying companies as domain name registrars.

    There are dozens of accredited registrars. Only a domain name registrar is permitted to access and modify the master database of domain names .The master database contains the documentation on all of the domain names registered to date.

    ICANN-accredited registrars have the authority to assign domain names for the TLDs (top-level domain)

    of .com, .biz. .info, .name, .net, and .org.

    ICANN does not, however, specifically accredit registrars to provide registration services for country code TLDs. (.in for India .th for Thiland)

    How to select Best website Domain name ?

    Following are the general rules:-

    Keep the Name as Short as Possible

    Make it Easy to Type

    Make the Domain Unique

    Avoid Copyright Infringement

    Reject Hyphens and Numbers

    Make it easy for local customer  to find

    use and appropriate Domain name extension (.com , .in etc)

    How to Check the domain name Availability ?

    You can go the websites of Domain name Providers (in the next question) and check the availability of Domain names

    Who are the Website Domain name Providers ?


    How to Buy Domain Name ?

    You can login in the above Domain name providers website and choose the plan and buy the domain name.

    What is the Domain name Prices ?

    The registrar you choose will determine the cost for registering a domain name, but in general expect to pay a yearly fee. Some registrars will offer discounts if you register for more than one year, but no registrar has the authority to sell more than a 10-year registration contract for any domain name.

    What to do next after buying Domain name ?


    How  to Do Web Hosting ?

    The web-hosting or server is much like the space that you rent out to have your business in.

    Every website on the Internet needs to be hosted somewhere, so when a company hosts your website, it also hosts the domain where your site is located.

    Choosing the right domain hosting service is vital. The host not only gives you space for your website but also the ability to run your email accounts. As a result, it doesn’t matter if you have a personal site or a business site: you simply want a service that’s good value, efficient and gives you appropriate support.

    Normally the above domain name Providers also provide the Website Hosting Services

    Please do not forgot to take passwords for C panel for Website Hosting from your domain name Service Providers

    What Information is required for Registering a Domain Name ?

    The registrar will ask you to provide some contact and technical information to have on record. This information is stored in a registry, which other computers can access to find information on your site. While it may seem like a privacy issue, it is best to be honest when supplying the contact information to a registrar. The registrar can cancel a contract and resell the domain name if it cannot contact an actual person to settle legal issues that may arise.

    Is there any law that regulate registration of Domain name ?

    There are many laws that regulate the registration of domain names, such as registering a copyrighted name or registering a domain name for the sole purpose of blocking someone else from using it. Check with your domain name registrar for the laws that affect how you register your domain name.

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