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By | December 28, 2015
(Last Updated On: December 28, 2015)

MINISTRY OF COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (Department of Electronics and Information Technology) Vide NOTIFICATION  F. No. 3 (46)/2015-EG-II New Delhi, the 3rd December, 2015 issued  Updation and Usage Policy for the Sampark Database (IT platform for Messages) Ver 1.0

What is e-Sampark ?

The IT platform for Messages is an initiative under the “Digital India” programme of the Government of India. The initiative has been given the name “e-Sampark”.

What is the objective of e-Sampark ? 

1 The objective of “e-Sampark”, the IT platform for Messages, is to create a provision for sending informational and public service messages in the form of emails (referred to as a mailer subsequently) and SMS to Elected representatives, Government employees and various categories of professionals.

2 The data will be sourced from Ministries/Departments and States across all tiers of the Government framework – including Central Government, State / UT Governments and local bodies. The data will also include information pertaining to various corporate, autonomous bodies and other organisations under the government. Using the database the Government can reach out to people individually or in groups/ sets of users depending on the requirement. Information, alerts, feedback for a programme, policy drafts etc can be sent to a targeted user base thereby improving the efficiency of governance and e-Governance efforts.

3 An extensive database of all functionaries of the Government at different levels including elected representatives and government officials has already been created.

4 The e-Sampark database is highly sensitive as it contains the details (Name, email address, mobile number, place of posting etc.) of all Government officials. In the near future it will also include the database of professionals in the country. Keeping in the mind the critical nature of the data, security of the data is important. Hence access to the database will be provided selectively with a due authorisation process.

5. This policy has been drafted to identify a process for updating and usage of the e-Sampark database by the respective Ministries/Departments and States.

What is the impact of e-Sampark ?

The “ e-Sampark ” database can be used extensively to reach elected representatives, Government officials and Indian Citizens for various information dissemination purposes. The Government envisages use of the database for diverse purposes like feedback, policy information, alerts etc.

As of today, in the absence of a central repository of all Government employees and Indian Citizens, the ability to reach out to individuals is missing. This gap will be filled by the optimum use of the “eSampark” Database.

Can the Indian Citizen access e-Sampark ?

In addition to Government officials, Indian citizens will also be given an option to subscribe to the “e-Sampark” database. The form displayed to a non-government user will be created accordingly which will capture the user’s profession, in addition to his personal credentials like name, location etc. A non-government subscriber of the e-Sampark database will be allowed to subscribe to only those lists that are part of a MyGov task as per the Government initiatives.

For instance Clean Ganga, Girl Child, etc.

By subscribing to a list, a user gives his/her consent to receive mailers and SMS from the Government. The user can unsubscribe from the list at any time.

Who can access e-Sampark ?

PMO, DeitY, e-Sampark PMU and NIC are the custodians of the data and have full access to the same. PMO, Secretary DeitY, OIC e-Sampark PMU and DG, NIC shall be authorised to send mailers and SMS as deemed appropriate

Secretary of a Ministry/Department/State: View Access will be given to the user base of the respective domain only. For instance, the Secretary School Education GoI can view the data for the School Education department and associated organisations in the Central Government, while the School Education Secretary of the State Government will be able to view the relevant data for his / her State only.

Nodal officer will have full Access (upload/delete/edit) to the user base of that respective site only. Access does not imply data download.

Inter-ministerial usage of the data is subject to approval by respective Secretary of the concerned Ministries followed by approval from OIC e-Sampark PMU / DG, NIC. Usage implies sending mailers and SMS only and does not imply (view/edit/delete of data of other Ministries.

Usage of the entire database, if required by a Central Ministry/State will require the approval of Secretary DeitY, or his designate.

Equivalent levels can send mailers to equivalent levels. For instance a Minister can send to other Ministers and Secretaries to all other Secretaries.

Database download will not be allowed by any Ministry / Department / State.

What is the Mechanism of Access e-Sampark ?

The Nodal officer can access (view/update/delete) the e-Sampark site by going to the URL https://sampark.gov.in. The login credentials will be the user-id and password of the Government email address i.e.userid@nic.in /userid@gov.in.

The site will be restricted and access will be over secure channels only. Mode of access will be defined in the access manual of e-Sampark.

Distribution lists will be created for each site with details of email addresses of the updated data.

Complete Notification on e-Sampark

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