Extension of time limit to Transfer Pricing Officer

By | March 6, 2016

Finance Bill 2016

Extension of time limit to Transfer Pricing Officer in certain cases

As per the existing provisions, the Transfer Pricing Officer (TPO) has to pass his order sixty days prior to the date on which the limitation for making assessment expires. It is noted that at times seeking information from foreign jurisdictions becomes necessary for determination of arm’s length price by the TPO and at times proceedings before the TPO may also be stayed by a court order.

It is proposed to amend sub-section (3A) of section 92CA to provide that where assessment proceedings are stayed by any court or where a reference for exchange of information has been made by the competent authority, the time available to the Transfer Pricing Officer for making an order after excluding the time for which assessment proceedings were stayed or the time taken for receipt of information, as the case may be, is less than sixty days, then such remaining period shall be extended
to sixty days.

The amendment will take effect from 1st day of June, 2016

[Clause 46 of Finance Bill 2016]

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