Fake Notes Detection by Banks -Reporting to Police and other bodies

By | November 11, 2016
(Last Updated On: November 11, 2016)

Fake Notes Detection by Banks

As per RBI Circular No RBI/2016-17/22 DCM (FNVD) G–6/16.01.05/2016-17 Dated 20.07.2016 

Detection of Counterfeit Notes /Fake Notes – Reporting to Police and other bodies by Banks

The following is the  procedure that has be followed by banks while reporting incidence of detection of counterfeit note to the Police:

For cases of detection of counterfeit notes upto 4 pieces, in a single transaction, a consolidated report in the prescribed format (Annex III) should be sent by the Nodal Bank Officer to the police authorities or the Nodal Police Station, along with the suspect counterfeit notes, at the end of the month.

For cases of detection of counterfeit notes of 5 or more pieces, in a single transaction, the counterfeit notes should be forwarded by the Nodal Bank Officer to the local police authorities or the Nodal Police Station for investigation by filing FIR in the prescribed format (Annex IV).

A copy of the monthly consolidated report / FIR shall be sent to the Forged Note Vigilance Cell constituted at the Head Office of the bank (only in the case of banks), and in the case of the treasury, it should be sent to the Issue Office of the Reserve Bank concerned.

Acknowledgement of the police authorities concerned has to be obtained for note/s forwarded to them both as consolidated monthly statement and FIR. If the counterfeit notes are sent to the police by insured post, acknowledgement of receipt thereof by the police should be invariably obtained and kept on record. A proper follow-up of receipt of acknowledgement from the police authorities is necessary. In case, any difficulty is faced by the Offices / Branches due to reluctance of the police to receive monthly consolidate statement / file FIRs, the matter may be sorted out in consultation with the Nodal Officer of the police authority designated to coordinate matters relating to investigation of counterfeit banknotes cases. The list of Nodal Police Station may be obtained from the respective Regional Office of Reserve Bank.

Banks should also monitor the patterns / trends of such detection and suspicious trends / patterns should be brought to the notice of RBI /Police authorities immediately.

The progress made by banks in detection and reporting of counterfeit notes to Police, RBI, etc. and problems thereof, should be discussed regularly in the meetings of various State Level Committees viz. State Level Bankers’ Committee (SLBC), Standing Committee on Currency Management (SCCM), State Level Security Committee (SLSC), etc.

The data on detection of counterfeit Indian notes at bank branches & treasuries should be included in the monthly Returns forwarded to the Reserve Bank Issue Offices .

The definition of ‘counterfeiting’ in the Indian Penal Code covers currency notes issued by a foreign government authority as well. In case of suspected foreign currency note received for opinion from the police and government agencies, etc., they should be advised to forward the case to the Interpol Wing of the CBI, New Delhi after prior consultation with them.

The Government of India has framed Investigation of High Quality Counterfeit Indian Currency Offences Rules, 2013 under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), 1967. The Third Schedule of the Act defines High Quality Counterfeit Indian Currency Note. Activity of production, smuggling distribution and circulation of High Quality Counterfeit Notes has been brought under the ambit of UAPA, 1967.

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