FAQ on watershed development programmes of Govt of India

By | November 17, 2015
(Last Updated On: November 17, 2015)

Question : What is a Watershed?

Watershed is a geo-hydrological unit of an area draining to a common outlet point. It is recognized as an ideal unit for planning & development of land water and vegetation resources.

Question : How much area is rainfed, out of cultivated area in the country?

According to 1999-2000 statistics, a net sown area of 141.23 million hectare is under cultivation, out of which 84.58 million hectare is rainfed area.

Question : Is there any perspective plan to treat entire rainfed area in the country?

Planning Commission, in its working group report has proposed to develop all the waste land / rainfed areas (88.5 million ha.) in a period of 20 years (i.e. upto XIII Five Year Plan) at a cost of Rs.72750 crore with peoples’ participation.

Question : What is the extent of coverage of areas under various schemes /programmes of Department of Agriculture & Cooperation?

Through various watershed development programmes, about 17.6 million ha. of land has so far been developed at an expenditure of Rs.9371 crores, including external funding upto March, 2005. During X Five Year Plan about 3.4 million ha. is proposed to be developed at an outlay of Rs.2000 crore excluding externally aided projects.

Question : Which are the activities taken up under NWDPRA programme?

The activities undertaken in this programme include soil and moisture conservation measures like construction of check dams, water harvesting structures, desilting of village ponds, treatment of drainage lines/ gullies, land leveling, bunding of farms, treatment of problem soils, agro-forestry, agri- horticulture,silvi-pasture, organic farming, use of bio-fertilizers, value addition and marketing of produce through farmers groups, training & capacity building of staff & beneficiaries etc.

Question : What are the impacts of NWDPRA programme in the watershed area?

Impact evaluation studies both on the ground and through remote sensing techniques have shown that watershed based interventions have led to increase in groundwater recharge,increase in number of wells and water bodies, enhancement of cropping intensity, changes in cropping pattern, and higher yields of crops and reduction in soil losses.

Question : Which Sof Department of Agriculture and Cooperation of Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare,Government of India are being implemented?

The following watershed development programmes are being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare,Government of India during X Five Year Plan:

Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare,Government of India

  • National Watershed Development Project for Rainfed Areas (NWDPRA)
  • Soil Conservation in the catchments of River Valley Project and Flood Prone Rivers (RVP & FPR)
  • Watershed Development Project in shifting cultivation Areas (WDPSCA)
  • Watershed Development Fund (WDF)

Source : Ministry of Agriculture , Govt of India

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