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GST Forms

Composition Forms

Sr NoForm NoDescription
1.GST CMP-01Intimation to pay tax under Section 10 (composition levy) (Only for persons registered under the existing law migrating on the appointed day)
2.GST CMP-02Intimation to pay tax under Section 10 (composition levy) (For persons registered under the Act)
3.GST CMP-03Intimation of details of stock on date of opting for composition levy (Only for persons registered under the existing law migrating on the appointed day)
4.GST CMP-04Intimation/Application for withdrawal from composition Levy
5.GST CMP-05Notice for denial of option to pay tax under Section 10
6.GST CMP-06Reply to the notice to show cause
7.GST CMP-07Order for acceptance / rejection of reply to show cause notice

Registration Forms

 Sr No Form NO Description
1GST REG 1 Application for Registration (Other than a non-resident taxable person, a person supplying online information and data base access or retrieval services from a place outside India to a non-taxable online recipient referred to in Section 14 of the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act , a person required to deduct tax at source under Section 51 and a person required to collect tax at source under Section 52)
2GST REG 2Acknowledgement
3GST REG 3Notice for Seeking Additional Information / Clarification / Documents relating to Application for <<Registration/Amendment/Cancellation >>
4GST REG 4Clarification/additional information/document for <Registration/ Amendment / Cancellation>
5GST REG 5Order of Rejection of Application for <Registration / Amendment / Cancellation
6GST REG 6Registration Certificate
7GST REG 7Application for Registration as Tax Deductor at source ( u/s 51) or Tax Collector at source ( u/s 52)
8GST REG 8Order of Cancellation of Registration as Tax Deductor at source or Tax Collector at source
9GST REG 9Application for Registration of Non Resident Taxable Person
10GST REG 10Application for registration of person supplying online information and data base access or retrieval services from a place outside India to a person in India, other than a registered person
11GST REG 11Application for extension of registration period by casual / non-resident taxable person
12GST REG 12Order of Grant of Temporary Registration/ Suo Moto Registration
13GST REG 13Application/Form for grant of Unique Identity Number (UIN) to UN Bodies/ Embassies /others
14GST REG 14Application for Amendment in Registration Particulars (For all types of registered persons)
15GST REG 15Order of Amendment
16GST REG 16Application for Cancellation of Registration
17GST REG 17Show Cause Notice for Cancellation of Registration
18GST REG 18Reply to the Show Cause Notice issued for Cancellation
19GST REG 19Order for Cancellation of Registration
20GST REG 20Order for dropping the proceedings for cancellation of registration
21GST REG 21Application for Revocation of Cancellation of Registration
22GST REG 22Order for revocation of cancellation of registration
23GST REG 23Show Cause Notice for rejection of application for revocation of cancellation of registration
24GST REG 24Reply to the notice for rejection of application for revocation of cancellation of registration
25GST REG 25Certificate of Provisional Registration
26GST REG 26Application for Enrolment of Existing Taxpayer
27GST REG 27Show Cause Notice for cancellation of provisional registration
28GST REG 28Order of cancellation of provisional registration
29GST REG 29Application for cancellation of provisional registration
30GST REG 30Form for Field Visit Report

Input Tax Credit Forms

Sr NoForm NoDescription
1.GST ITC  01Declaration for claim of input tax credit under sub-section (1) of Section 18.
2.GST ITC 02 Declaration for transfer of ITC in case of sale, merger, demerger, amalgamation, lease or transfer of a business under sub-section (3) of Section 18.
3.GST ITC 03 Declaration for intimation of ITC reversal on inputs, inputs contained in semi-finished and finished goods and capital goods in stock under sub-section (4) of Section 18.
4.GST ITC 04 Details of goods/capital goods sent to job worker and received back.

 Enrolment Form

GST ENR 1 Application for Enrolment under section 35 (2)  ( only for un-registered persons )

Return Forms

Sr. No.Form No.Title of the Form
1.GSTR 1Details of outwards supplies of goods or services
2.GSTR-1ADetails of auto drafted supplies of goods or services
3.GSTR 2Details of inward supplies of goods or services
4.GSTR-2ADetails of supplies auto drafted from GSTR- 1 or GSTR-5 to recipient
5.GSTR-3Monthly return
6.GSTR-3ANotice to return defaulter u/s 46
 7GSTR 3B When Time to furnish Outward and Inward Supplies details extended
8GSTR -4Quarterly return for registered persons opting composition levy
9.GSTR-4AAuto drafted details for registered persons opting composition levy
10.GSTR -5Return for Non Resident Taxable Persons
11.GSTR-5ADetails of supplies of online information and database access or retrieval services by a person located outside India made to non-taxable persons in India
12.GSTR -6Return for input service distributors
13.GSTR-6ADetails of supplies auto drafted from GSTR-1 or GSTR-5 to ISD.
14.GSTR -7Return for Tax Deduction at Source
15.GSTR -7ATax Deduction at Source Certificate
 16.GSTR-8Statement for Tax Collection at Source
 17GSTR 9 Annual return
 18GSTR 9A Simplified annual return for compounding taxable persons
 19GSTR 9B Audit Report certified by a………….
20GSTR 10 Final Return under ___ of Goods and Services Act, 2016
21GSTR-1 1Inward supplies statement for persons having Unique Identification Number (UIN)

GST Practitioner Forms

Sr. No.Form No.Description
1.GST PCT – 1Application for Enrolment as Goods and Service Tax Practitioner
2.GST PCT-02Enrolment Certificate for Goods and Service Tax Practitioner
3.GST PCT-03Show Cause Notice for disqualification
4.GST PCT-04Order of Rejection of Application for enrolment as GST Practitioner/ Or Disqualification to function as GST Practitioner
5.GST PCT-05Authorization/withdrawal of authorization of Goods and Service Tax Practitioner.

Payment Forms

Sr NoForm NoTitle of the Form
1GST PMT 1Electronic Liability Register of registered person

(Part–I: Return related liabilities

Electronic Liability Register of taxable person

(Part–II: Other than return related liabilities)

2GST PMT 2Electronic Credit Ledger
3GST PMT 3Order for re-credit of the amount to cash or credit ledger on rejection of refund claim
4GST PMT 4Application for intimation of discrepancy in Electronic Credit Ledger/Cash Ledger/Liability Register
5GST PMT 5Electronic Cash Ledger
6GST PMT 6Challan For Deposit of Goods and Services Tax
7GST PMT 7Application for intimating discrepancy in making payment

Refund Forms

Sr NoForm NoContent
1GST RFD 01Application for Refund

–Annexure 1 Details of Goods

–Annexure 2 Certificate by CA

2GST RFD 02Acknowledgement
3GST RFD 03Deficiency Memo
4GST RFD 04Provisional Refund Order
5GST RFD 05Payment Advice
6GST RFD 06Refund Sanction/ Rejection Order
7GST RFD 06Interest on delayed refund order (same as refund order)
8GST RFD 07Order for Complete adjustment of sanctioned Refund
9GST RFD 08Notice for rejection of application for refund
10GST RFD 09Reply to the show cause notice
11GST RFD 10Application for Refund by any specialize agency of UN or Multilateral Financial Institution and Organization Consulate or Embassy of foreign countries, etc.
12 GST RFD 11 Furnishing of bond or Letter of Undertaking for export of goods or services

 Assessment Forms

Sr NoForm No.Title of the Form
1.GST ASMT 1Application for Provisional Assessment  under Section 60
2.GST ASMT 2Notice for Seeking Additional Information / Clarification / Documents for provisional/ Final assessment
3.GST ASMT 3Reply to the notice seeking additional information
4.GST ASMT 4Order of Acceptance or Rejection of Provisional Assessment Order
5.GST ASMT 5Furnishing of Security
6.GST ASMT 6Notice for Seeking Additional Information / Clarification / Documents for final assessment
7.GST ASMT 7Final Assessment Order
8.GST ASMT 8Application for Withdrawal of Security
9.GST ASMT 9Order for release of security or rejecting the application
10.GST ASMT 10Notice for intimating discrepancies in the return after scrutiny
11.GST ASMT 11Reply to the notice issued  under Section 61 intimating discrepancies in the return
12.GST ASMT 12Order of acceptance of reply against the notice issued  under Section 61
13.GST ASMT 13Assessment order  under Section 62
14.GST ASMT 14Show Cause Notice for assessment under Section 63.
15.GST ASMT 15Assessment order under  Section 63.
16.GST ASMT 16Assessment order under Section 64
17.GST ASMT 17Application for withdrawal of assessment order issued under Section 64
18.GST ASMT 18Acceptance or Rejection of application filed under  Section 64(2)

Audit Forms

Sr NoForm NoContent
1GST ADT 1Notice for conducting audit
2GST ADT 2Audit Report under Section 65 (6)
3GST ADT 3Communication to the registered person for conduct of special audit under Section 66
4GST ADT 4Information of Findings upon Special Audit

 Advance Ruling Forms

Sr NoForm NoDescription
1GST ARA 1 Application Form for Advance Ruling
2GST ARA 2 Appeal to the Appellate Authority for Advance Ruling
3GST ARA 3 Appeal to the Appellate Authority for Advance Ruling (by the concerned officer or the jurisdictional officer )

Appeal and Revision Forms

Sr NoForm NoContent
1GST APL 1Appeal to Appellate Authority
2GST APL 2 Acknowledgement of submission of appeal
3GST APL 3Application to the Appellate Authority under sub-section (2) of Section 107
4GST APL 4Summary of the demand after issue of order by the Appellate Authority, Tribunal or Court
5GST APL 5Appeal to the Appellate Tribunal
6GST APL 6Cross-objections before the Appellate Authority / Appellate Tribunal
7GST APL 7Application to the Appellate Tribunal under sub section (3) of Section 112
8GST APL 8Appeal to the High Court under Section 117

Transition Forms

Sr NoForm NoContents
1GST TRAN 1 Transitional ITC / Stock Statement
2GST TRAN 2  Details of inputs held on stock on appointment date in respect of which he is not in possession of any invoice/document evidencing payment of tax carried forward to Electronic Credit ledger.

Inspection and Search Forms

Sr NoForm NoContents
1GST INS 1Authorisation For Inspection or Search
2GST INS 2 Order of Seizure
3GST INS 3Order of Prohibition
4GST INS 4Bond for Release of Goods Seized
5GST INS 5Order of Release of Goods/ Things of Perishable or Hazardous Nature

Demand and Recovery Forms

Sr NoForm NoContents
1GST DRC 1Summary of Show Cause Notice
2GST DRC 2Summary of Statement
3GST DRC 3Intimation of payment made voluntarily or made against the show cause notice (SCN) or statement
4GST DRC 4Acknowledgement of acceptance of payment made voluntarily
5GST DRC 5Intimation of conclusion of proceedings
6GST DRC 6Reply to the Show Cause Notice
7GST DRC 7Summary of the order
8GST DRC 8Rectification of Order
9GST DRC 9Order for recovery through specified officer under section 79
10GST DRC 10Notice for Auction of Goods under section 79 (1) (b) of the Act
11GST DRC 11Notice to successful bidder
12GST DRC 12Sale Certificate
13GST DRC 13Notice to a third person under section 79(1)(c)
14GST DRC 14Certificate of Payment to a Third Person
15GST DRC 15Application before the Civil Court requesting execution for a Decree
16GST DRC 16 Notice for attachment and sale of immovable/movable goods/shares under section 79
17GST DRC 17 Notice for Auction of Immovable/Movable Property under section 79(1) (d)
18GST DRC 18Certificate action under  clause (e) of sub-section (1) section 79 
19GST DRC 19Application to the Magistrate for Recovery as Fine
20GST DRC 20 Application for Deferred Payment/ Payment in Instalments
21GST DRC 21Order for acceptance/rejection of application for deferred payment / payment in instalments
22GST DRC 22Provisional attachment of property under section 83
23GST DRC 23Restoration of provisionally attached property / bank account under section 83
24GST DRC 24Intimation to Liquidator for recovery of amount
25GST DRC 25Continuation of Recovery Proceedings

Compounding of Offences Forms

Sr NoForm NoContents
1GST CPD 1 Application for Compounding of Offence
2GST CPD 2Order for rejection / allowance of compounding of offence

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