GST Online Course ( India) ! GST Training Online

By | March 24, 2017
(Last Updated On: March 25, 2017)

Goods and Service Tax Tutorial (India)! GST Online Course

GST Online Course ( India) ! GST Training Online

What will you get out of this -GST Online Course?

By subscribing to this GST tutorial !  GST Online Course, you will:

  • Gain comprehensive information about the upcoming GST bill
  • Get all the concepts of GST explained in a simple and effective manner
  • Be “GST ready” for either professional or personal agendas
  • Spread awareness among others about upcoming changes in the goods and services taxation schemes
  • Gain access to 45+ GST videos, 20+ GST pdfs, 3+ GST webinars and tests

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GST Online Course ( India) ! GST Training Online

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Total Duration 08h:41m ( Lifetime access)

GST Online Course Plan 

1. Basics of GST Bill – 42mins-  6 videos  · 1 test

Why do We Need GST?- 03:05 
HSN Codes and Its Implication under GST
Know your GSTIN
GST Helps Mitigate the Cascading Effect-06:07
Mixed Supply & Composite Supply under GST
Simplification of Indirect Taxes under GST Regime
What Exactly is GST? –07:56
Terms and Phrases you must know under GST – Part I
The GST Story So Far- 07:12
Terms and Phrases you must know under GST – Part II
Understanding the Basics of GST 
What is GST Compliance Rating?
What is SGST, CGST & IGST?
Quiz 1 –08:00

2. GST Composition Scheme- 1hr 19mins – 10 videos  · 1 test

Canons of Taxation- 11:10
Benefits of Registering under GST Composition Scheme
Composition Scheme under GST Explained
The Right Balance for the Composition Scheme- 06:04
Drawbacks of Registering under the GST Composition Scheme
Small Business and Aggregate Turnover- 06:27
Simpler GST for Small & Local Businesses (Composition Levy)
Tax collection and Input Tax credit-06:31
Simplified Returns- 06:25
Payment of Tax-08:25
Impact of Composition Scheme in B2B – Part I-08:05
Impact of Composition Scheme in B2B – Part II-06:06
Quiz -2 – 08:00

3.   Input Tax Credit -2hrs 3mins  – 16 videos  · 1 test

Concepts Behind Input Tax Credit- 08:01 
Input Tax Credit under GST Regime – Conditions To Claim Credit 
ITC Mechanism- 02:54 
Reverse Charge- 04:58 
What is Input Credit? And How to Claim it?
The Specific List- 06:20
Motor Vehicles, Works Contract and Immovable Property- 06:43
Proportionate Credit- 10:32
Set Off Rules – Part I- 05:20
Set Off Rules – Part II- 06:39
ITC Utilisation Example- 13:02
Reasons for Conditions- 03:41
Conditions for ITC- 12:14
Special Circumstances- 11:32
Job Worker and ITC- 07:28
Input Service Distributor Rules-05:27
ISD Conditions- 05:43
Quiz – 3- 10:00

4.  GST Registration – 1hr 11mins –12 videos  · 1 test

Exempt from Registration- 04:48
Threshold Based Registration- 05:35
Does GST apply to me?
Application Process under GST
Enrollment Process for Goods and Services Tax
GST Enrolment Process for Existing Central Excise & Service Tax Assessee
How to Register for GST
New Turnover limit for GST
Taxable Person under GST
The ClearTax Guide on the GST Portal
What You Must Know About GST Registration
Mandatory Registration Remit Tax or Claim ITC – 02:58
Voluntary Registration and Benefits- 04:00
Timeline for Registration Existing Dealers- 03:54
Timeline for Registration New Dealers- 06:04
Timeline for Registration Casual and Non-Resident Taxable Person- 06:07
Where to Register Mutliple States – Part I- 03:56
Where to Register Mutliple States – Part II- 06:22
Where to Register Mutliple States – Part III- 05:50
Quiz – 4- 10:00

5.   Webinars – 3hrs 24mins -4 videos  3hrs 24mins

Business Impact on job work and stock transfer – 33:13
Business Impact on import , export and refund under GST- 40:29
Returns Under Goods and Service Tax and Utilization of Input Credit – 66:37
Treatment of stock transfer, return , rejection – 64.10 
Direct Taxes Ready Reckoner Service Tax Ready Reckoner Company Law Ready Reckoner tax deduction at source
New Books Released on Tax , GST and law

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