How to e -file appeal with CIT (appeals)

By | April 4, 2016
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E file Income Tax Appeal with CIT (appeals)

1. Login to user account in Income Tax E-filing Website

How to e -file appeal with CIT (appeals)

2. Go to menu -> e-File -> Prepare and Submit Online Form (Other than ITR)

How to e -file appeal with CIT (appeals)

3. The following window appears:

How to e -file appeal with CIT (appeals)

Fill the PAN, under Form Name Select “35” , select the Assessment year for which appeal is to be filed and finally Select the type of Digital Signature Certificate. (make sure that you have registered the DSC with e-filing portal under “Profile” menu)

On successful selection of DSC, the following message will flash.

How to e -file appeal with CIT (appeals)


Click on “OK” and then on Continue to proceed to fill Form-35

4. The following Form-35 window opens:

How to e -file appeal with CIT (appeals)

(a) There are four sections in the form:

1. Instruction,
2. Form-35,
3. Verification, and
4. Attachments (must not exceed 50mb in size/ must be in pdf/zip format)

(b) Read all the Instructions carefully before beginning to fill Form-35

(c) In Form-35 there are 16 para where information is required to be filled including statement of facts and grounds of appeals

(d) Name and PAN of the appellant is pre-filled and rest of the paras are required to be responded by filling/selecting appropriate facts/options

(e) The following attachments are mandatorily required:

(i) Copy of Challan for appeal fee paid

(ii) Copy of order appealed against

(iii) Notice of demand

5. After fully satisfying that form-35 has been properly filled and all required attachments have been duly attached, it can be submitted, saved as draft for filing later.

How to e -file appeal with CIT (appeals)

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