IRDA Draft on Loans or Temporary advances to Full-time Employees of the Insurers

By | February 3, 2016
(Last Updated On: February 3, 2016)
Source IRDA
Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Loans or Temporary advances to the Full-time Employees of the Insurers) Regulations, 2016
Insurance Laws (Amendment) Act 2015 has carried out amendments to the section 29. The amended Section 29 (3)(a) empowers the Authority to frame regulations on the loans or temporary advances to the full-time employees of the insurers.
In view of the above, it has necessitated to frame regulations on Loans and Temporary Advances to the Full time Employees of the Insurers. The draft regulations are attached. The draft contains, amongst the others, the following.
1.             The Regulations to apply to all insurers;
2.             No loans or temporary advances to non whole-time Director or to their relatives except as provided under Section 29 (1) of the Insurance Act, 1938;
3.             Full time Employees may be granted loans or temporary advances for the following purposes
a.      Loan for purchasing of car;
b.      Loan for purchasing of personal computer;
c.       Loan for purchasing of furniture;
d.      Loan for constructing/acquiring a house for personal use;
e.      Advance for Festival;
f.        Any other purpose as may be specified by the Authority.
4.             Board approved policy for grant of loans or temporary advances to the full-time employees of the insurers;
5.             The interest rate charged on loan or temporary advances to whole-time Directors and other Officer cannot be lower than the rate charged on loans or temporary advances to the insurer’s own employees.
All are requested to offer their valuable comments/suggestions on the proposed regulations. The comments/suggestions should reach by 14th February, 2016 in the format attached to the undersigned by e-mail at rksharma [at] irda [dot] gov [dot] in with a copy to Dr. Mamta Suri, HOD-F&A at mamta [at] irda [dot] gov [dot] in
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