Kerala Finance Minister worrired about GST council’s agenda

By | September 21, 2016

Kerala Finance Minister TM Thomas Isaac has raised concern over the Union Government’s unilateral ways in GST implementation.

“The upcoming GST council’s agenda does not even mention the word consensus in the implementation of the new tax regime. But the document has a detailed account of conducting voting for taking decisions,” he said in a Facebook post.

Isaac said the Centre was giving a message that it would take any decision pertaining to the GST by gathering majority in the council with the help of BJP-ruled state governments. The council meeting is scheduled for September 22 and 23.

Isaac said the unprecedented arrangements and guidelines for the council meeting was shocking.

“Agenda for Thursday’s meeting was handed only on Tuesday. State Finance Ministers have to appear in person and officials will not be allowed without the minister,” he said. Source- [21-09-2016]

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