Reportable judgments and non reportable Judgements

By | February 2, 2016
(Last Updated On: February 2, 2016)

Reportable judgments and Non reportable Judgements 

Reportable judgments are allowed by the Court to be published in media .

Reported judgment means, reported in the official magazines like SCC or AIR. These reported judgments can be called as Citations and shall be used in the lower court as reference.

Non-reportable judgments :-

Unreported judgment means, all the other which are not reported. If you want to refer this judgment to the lower court, you ought to produce the certified copy.

For getting a certified copy of the unreported judgments, you have to file a third party affidavit and can get those copies through court order.

Who decides whether Judgement is reportable or Non reportable ? 

Whether a judgement is reportable or non-reportable is to be determined by the Judge concerned depending upon the general public utility of the decision; as also the peculiarity of the decision.

Whether the litigants has right to decide the Judgement is reportable or Non reportable ?

A litigant has no right to get a decision classified as ‘reportable’ or ‘not reportable’.

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