Route for Amarnath Yatra

By | March 19, 2016
(Last Updated On: March 18, 2016)

Route to Holy Cave during Amarnath Yatra

There are two routes to the Holy Cave one is BALTAL Route and another is PHALGAM route. The distance and  time taken for  journey upto Holy Cave by two routes is given below:

Baltal Axis (District Ganderbal) 

Location Distance Mode of Trspt By Air
ByMech.Trpt By pony Neelgrath toPanjtarni
Baltal toPahalgam 200 Kms 5 hours  















10 min

Sgr to Neelgrath 94 kms 3 hrs
Baltal toDomel 2.75 kms 1 hr

(on foot)

30 min
Domel toBrarimarg 6 kms 3-4 hrs(on foot) 2 hrs
Brarimarg toHoly Cave 6 kms 2  to 3 hrs

(on foot)

Baltal toHoly Cave 14 kms 8 hrs (onfoot) 4.50 hrs



Pahalgam Axis (District Anantnag)



Location Distance Mode of Transport By Air
ByMech.Trpt By pony PahalgamtoPanjtarni
Pahalgam toBaltal 200 kms 5 hours  

















15 min

Distance fromJammu toKhanabal 239 km 8 hrsBy car/Coach
Khanabal toPahalgam 40 km 90 minBy car/Coach
Pahalgam toChandanwari 16 kms 1 hr 5 hrs
Chandanwarito Sheshnag 12kms 6hrs

(on foot)

4 hrs
Sheshnag toPanjtarni 14 kms 8 hrs (onfoot) 5 hrs
Panjtarni toHoly Cave 6 kms 3 hrs (onfoot) 2 hrs
Nunwan toHoly Cave 48 kms 1 hour uptoChandanwari 12 Hours fromChandanwari toHoly Cave
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