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How to do SBI Quick Fund Transfer without adding beneficiary

SBI Quick Fund Transfer without adding beneficiary It is safe, fast and easy to transfer funds without visiting your branch. No need to add beneficiary to your account. The maximum limit to transfer funds is Rs. 5000/-. Loan repayment, deposit, investment, donation, education fee payment etc can be done through Quick Transfer. Just visit OnlineSBI… Read More »

How to use State Bank Buddy Android app

Using the State Bank Buddy Android app State Bank Buddy is SBI’s mobile wallet service and can be used by anyone including users not having an SBI account. You can login to the Android app using the PIN created during registration. Watch this tutorial video to understand how to add funds to your wallet, receive… Read More »

Banking Questions and Answers

RESERVE BANK’S INSTRUCTION ON BANKING MATTERS (UPDATED AS ON 13-8-2012) INDEX I. Domestic Deposits II. Deposits of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) III. Advances IV. Advances Against Shares And Debentures V. Donations VI. Loans For Premises VII. Service Charges I. DOMESTIC DEPOSITS 1. Whether banks can accept interest free deposits? Banks cannot accept interest free deposits other… Read More »