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100 companies in which investor should not invest :SEBI

By | June 7, 2016

PR No. 110/2016 June 06, 2016 SEBI cautions investors not to invest in schemes offered by entities barred by SEBI from raising money or entities not registered with SEBI Certain Collective Investment Scheme(s) (CIS) have come to the notice of SEBI, which were offered by entities not registered with SEBI nor offer document of such schemes… Read More »

Running Collective Investment Scheme through private trust are also within the purview of SEBI

By | October 16, 2015

since the appellant has been running Collective Investment Scheme through the arrangement of a private Trust without obtaining registration from SEBI, no fault can be found with the decision of SEBI that the appellant is guilty of operating Collective Investment Scheme in violating of SEBI Act and the Collective Investment Scheme Regulations. Where the appellant… Read More »