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5 Key Points about GST Payment

GST Payment 5 key Points about GST Payment :- The electronic tax liability register, electronic credit ledger and electronic cash ledger will be maintained on the common portal for every registered person. The electronic tax liability register shall be debited with amount of tax, interest, late fee, mismatch in credits, etc. It shall be credited… Read More »

Download GST Payment Formats GST PMT 1 to 6

GST Payment Formats  Download GST PMT 1, GST PMT 2, GST PMT 3, GST PMT 4, GST PMT 5, GST PMT 6, Electronic Credit Ledger, Electronic Cash Ledger, Electronic Tax Liability Register Sr No. Form No. Title of the Form 1. Form GST PMT 1 Electronic Tax Liability Register of Taxpayer (Part–I: Return related liabilities)… Read More »

Flow Chart GST e-Registers : e-Tax liability, e-Cash Ledger,e-Credit Register

Flow chart GST e-Registers e-Tax liability, e-Cash Ledger,e-Credit Register   What are E-Ledgers under GST? Ans. Electronic Ledgers or E-Ledgers are statements of cash and input tax credit in respect of each registered taxpayer. In addition, each taxpayer shall also have an electronic tax liability register. Once a taxpayer is registered on Common Portal (GSTN),… Read More »