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Foreign contribution to be reported in 48 hour by Banks

By | April 27, 2016

Changes in FCRA As per Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Amendment Rules, 2015 notified in Gazette of India on 14.12.2015, the Bank shall report to the Central Government within forty-eight hours any transaction in respect of receipt and utilization of any foreign contribution by any person whether or not such person is registered or granted prior permission… Read More »

Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 2010 FCRA

By | August 17, 2015

Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 2010 FAQ’S on Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 2010 For Complete Act Click Q.1 What is foreign contribution? Ans. As defined in Section 2(1)(h) of FCRA, 2010, “foreign contribution” means the donation, delivery or transfer made by any foreign source, – (i)  of any article, not being an article given to a person*… Read More »