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How to make GST payment ?

GST payment To make GST Payment , we needs to make GST Challan. Here is the procedure to make GST Challan . After you have created GST Challan following are the methods to make GST Payment . There are two modes of making GST Payment A) Pre Login Mode B) Post Login Mode How do I… Read More »

GST can be paid by debit or credit cards, says official

GST can be paid by debit, credit cards, says official Indore, Oct 23 (IANS) Under the proposed Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime, individuals and entities can pay taxes online using debit or credit cards, the government said on Sunday. “With regard to payments, the best thing that will happen is all payments will have… Read More »

5 Key Points about GST Payment

GST Payment 5 key Points about GST Payment :- The electronic tax liability register, electronic credit ledger and electronic cash ledger will be maintained on the common portal for every registered person. The electronic tax liability register shall be debited with amount of tax, interest, late fee, mismatch in credits, etc. It shall be credited… Read More »

GST Payment of Tax -FAQs on GST by CBEC

GST Payment of Tax BUY Q 1. What are the Payments to be made in GST regime? Ans. In the GST regime, for any intra-state supply, taxes to be paid are the Central GST (CGST, going into the account of the Central Government) and the State GST (SGST, going into the account of the concerned… Read More »