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Companies Incorporation Rules 2014

Rules under Companies Act 2013 CHAPTER II : INCORPORATION OF COMPANY AND MATTERS INCIDENTAL THERETO COMPANIES (INCORPORATION) RULES, 2014 n exercise of the powers conferred under section 3, section 4, sub-sections (5) and (6) of section 5, section 6, sub-sections (1) and (2) of section 7, sub-sections (1) and (2) of section 8, clauses (a)… Read More »

MCA invites comments on Amendment in Incorporation Rules 2016

GOVERNMENT OF INDIA Ministry of Corporate Affairs  NOTICE INVITING COMMENTS ON THE DRAFT COMPANIES (Incorporation) Second  AMENDMENT RULES 2016 Dated the 17th February, 2016 The draft Companies COMPANIES (Incorporation) Second AMENDMENT RULES 2016 i.e. conversion of unlimited liability company into limited liability companyhas been placed on the Ministry’s website at www.mca.gov.in. It has been decided to invite suggestions/comments on… Read More »

Integrated Incorporation form of Companies

Integrated Incorporation Process of Companies Can the applicant file separate application for allotment of DIN, reservation of name etc  or he is required to apply under  Integrated Incorporation Process of Companies ? The facility to file integrated application for incorporation in Form INC-29 is available as an option to the process for separate applications for allotment of Director Identification… Read More »

Limited Liability Partnership Questions and Answers

 What are the steps to incorporate Limited Liability Partnership ? Name reservation: The first step to incorporate Limited liability partnership (LLP) is reservation of name of Limited Liability Partnership . Applicant has to file eForm 1, for ascertaining availability and reservation of the name of a LLP business. Incorporate Limited Liability Partnership : After reserving a name, user… Read More »