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GST FAQ- Offences, Penalties, Prosecution and Compounding – 31.03.2017 by CBEC

Goods and Service Tax (India) – FAQ 31.03.2017 by CBEC Offences, Penalties, Prosecution and Compounding Chapter 20 Q 1. What are the prescribed offences under CGST/SGST Act? Ans. The CGST/SGST Act codifies the offences and penalties in Chapter XVI. The Act lists 21 offences in section 122, apart from the penalty prescribed under section 10… Read More »

List of 12 offences under GST which can put you in Jail ?

List of 12  offences under GST which can put you in Jail ? As per the FAQs on GST by CBEC (Penalties, Prosecution and Compounding) prosecution can be taken against taxable person if he commits any of the 21 offences listed under Section 73 of Model GST Law Q 16. Which are the offences which warrant… Read More »

Offences and Penalties under GST

OFFENCES AND PENALTIES UNDER GST Sponsored Book BUY Offences under GST Law Following are offences under GST Law. Penalties can be imposed by departmental authorities to person committing the specified offence. As per clause 66(1) of Model GST Law, 2016, Where a taxable person who — (i) supplies any goods and/or services without issue of… Read More »