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Dera is not a deemed trust, Dera Mukhi Income Taxable if no charitable activities carried out u/s 2(15)

Facts of the Case The appellant case was selected for scrutiny. The Assessing Officer made an addition of Rs. 1,21,67,653/- by treating the bank deposits as his income from profession and vocation while, inter alia, disallowing the expenses towards insurance and 1/5th expenses towards telephone, travelling and vehicle etc. amounting to Rs. 6,12,725/- besides, adding back… Read More »

section 2(15) Council for Leather Exports promoting export of leather and leather products is a charitable institution

Facts of the case :- Main objects of assessee were to support, protect, maintain, increase and promote export leather articles and products and bye-products of leather industry .Its activities were multiple and directed towards assisting its members in extending their global reach thereby increasing their exports Issue :- Assessing Officer held that activities of assessee… Read More »