Winners of Republic Day Contests on social media Platforms announced

By | January 21, 2016
(Last Updated On: January 21, 2016)

Ministry of I&B announces winners of Republic Day Contests on social media Platforms

9 winners across India sponsored by Ministry of I&B invited for Republic Day parade

Ministry of I&B has announced winners of contests organized on its social media platforms as a part of Republic Day celebrations 2016.The contests were held on Ministry of I&B’s platforms of Facebook (, Twitter (@MIB_India) and a specially designed webpage ( where Graffiti were invited from participants on various flagship programmes of the Government. The competition was open for a fortnight from, 1st January to 14th January, 2016. The 9 winners, selected by a jury constituted by the Ministry of I&B, are being invited to attend the Republic Day Parade, 2016 at New Delhi. The travel and accommodation arrangements of all these winners are being sponsored by Ministry of I&B.

While for Graffiti wall, the themes were Start Up India, Stand Up India; Digital Empowerment;Entrepreneurs of Young India ; Skilled India, Powerful India; Make In India; Financial Security to All and Housing For All. The response on graffiti was over-whelming with 419 entries across all themes. The First prize in the Graffiti contest was awarded to Shri Narendra Kumar Singh for his work captioned Housing For All”. Shri Narendra Kumar Singh has beautifully captured the idea of “Housing for All” by using a metaphor of Weaver Birds’ nest. It shows independent and affordable housing for everybody across various income categories”, the jury described. The second prize was awarded to Shri Narendra Borlepwar’s artwork Skill India which depicts “the fusion of Education and vocational training leading to recognisable improvement in the economic graph”. The third prize was awarded to Shri Vimal Kumar’s artwork Make In India showing “ladders which visually double up as scaffolds on construction sites best captures the idea of ‘making’.”

For the Twitter contest, netizens’ responses were invited on Twitter on three hashtags;#VisionofTeamIndia, #MyIdeaofIndia and #RDayNotJustaHoliday. A total of 888 tweets were received by @MIB_India, the twitter handle of Ministry of I&B. The winners of the Tweet contests across three theme segments taken collectively are as follows in order of first, second and third places:

Bhaiya ji Joshi @Igjganesh –“#MyIdeaofIndia For evry Mouth there is Meal for evry girl there is life For evry head there is roof For evry foot there is road. The user has summed up in very simple terms that everybody in the India should have the basic needs satisfied.

  1. Vinayak @vinumon2016 “#VisionofTeamIndia centre and states working together in the great act of nation building in spirit of ‘all for one and one for all”. The user has drawn our attention to cooperative federalism.

Neer Joy @neerjanni2000 – #RDayNotJustaHoliday It is a moment2get inspiration 4rm freedom fighters & to taking up new initiatives4making India No1 country. The user has invoked the sacrifices and sufferings of freedom fighters for whom India became independent and a constitution was framed.

Regarding the Poster making contest on Facebook, participants were invited to send posters on three themes; Give It Up – LPG Subsidy, Per Drop More Crop and Save the Girl Child. 432 posterswere received by Ministry of I&B. The jury awarded first prize to Shri A. Parag Chitnis for his artwork captioned “Save the Girl Child” where “the artist has highlighted a graphical representation of a female gene which is led to the noose, whereas a male foetus seldom faces this ordeal.” The second best poster was designed by Shri Sudhir Komawar for his artwork captioned “Per Drop More Crop” which “brilliantly captures super imposed image of the leaves of crops inside huge drop of water reminding that how a universe of microscopic can subsist in a drop of water.” The third place was awarded to Shri Anunay Arko for his painting captioned “INDIA where we worship goddess and a child is being killed, for being a GIRL.” It captures “a brilliant truism that women are the substratum of mankind.”

The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting extends its congratulations to the winners.

Source Ministry of Information & Broadcasting 20-January, 2016


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