Top 5 Best Book on GST in India 2018 / Latest GST Books

By | June 16, 2018
(Last Updated On: June 16, 2018)

Best Book on GST in India 2018 / Latest GST Books [ Final GST Act ]

we have compiled the top 5 Best Book on GST in India as per- CGST Act 2017, IGST Act 2017 , UTGST Act 2017  .These are the latest Books on GST in India in 2017. These Taxmann GST Books will helps to you to provide detailed understanding of GST Law of India or Final GST Act 2017 of India

GST Refunds (Special Drive Refund Fortnight From 31-5-2018 to 14-6-2018)

Price Rs 500 buy Online Click here

Click to view contents GST Refunds Book June 2018 Edition Taxmann by Aditya Singhania

GST E-Way Bill Samasyaen Evam Samaadhaan : May 2018 Edition

Buy online Click here

GST E-Way Bill (Enforced with Effect From 1-4-2018) (2nd Edition May 2018)

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View Contents GST E-Way Bill Book : 2nd Edition May 2018 : Taxmann

GST Input Tax Credit (4th Edition Thoroughly Revised May 2018) (Amended upto 25-4-2018)

View Price and Order online : Click here

View Contents of this book : GST Input Tax Credit Book (4th Edition Revised May 2018) -V.S. Datey

GST Mini Ready Reckoner (Amended upto 20-4-2018)

Price Rs 795 buy online Click here

View Contents of GST Mini Ready Reckoner April 2018 by Taxmann

GST Master Guide-A Comprehensive Practitioner's Companion to GST with Flow Charts & Tables (Amended upto 20-4-2018)

Price Rs 1795 buy Online : Click here

Click to View contents of GST Master Guide Book April 2018 by Taxmann

GST Refunds (Amended upto 17-4-2018) (April 2018 Edition)

Price Rs 650 . buy online  Click here

View Contents of this book GST Refunds Book April 2018 Edition Taxman

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Direct Taxes Ready Reckoner
Service Tax Ready Reckoner
Company Law Ready Reckoner
tax deduction at source
New Books Released on Tax , GST and law

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