FAQ’s and MCQ’s on GST Released by ICAI Indirect Tax Committee (January 2018)

By | January 11, 2018
(Last Updated On: January 11, 2018)

FAQ’s and MCQ’s on GST
(January, 2018)

GST, a single biggest tax reform in the history of India is a destination based tax pervasively
impacting ever sphere of business like supply chain, IT system, accounting, cash flow, credits,
product pricing, compliances, legal contact etc. Hassle free implementation of GST calls for
endeavors from both the Government and our Countrymen.

ICAI for smooth implementation of GST has always been supporting the Government with its
intellectual resources, expertise and efforts. Being a partner in GST Knowledge
Dissemination, the Indirect Taxes Committee of ICAI through its various publications on GST,
Certificate Course (Virtual and face to face), Workshop, Seminars and Standardized PPTs,
e-learning, webcast, suggestions provided at the nascent and every stage law etc. has always
endeavored to a part of this major tax reform which can benefit the society. One more step
towards this initiative taken by Indirect Taxes Committee of ICAI is revision of its publication
named “FAQ’s and MCQ’s on GST”. This publication will facilitate our members and
stakeholders to understand the GST Laws in a very easy manner in question answer mode.

We welcome the readers to an intellectual learning spree. Interested members may visit
website of the Committee www.idtc.icai.org and join the IDT update facility. We request to
share your feedback at idtc@icai.in to enable us to make this publication more accurate, value
additive and useful.

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