Income Tax Mini Ready Reckoner AY 2017-18 & 2018-19 -Monica Singhania -Taxmann

By | April 6, 2017
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(Last Updated On: April 6, 2017)

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 Income Tax Act (Finance Act 2017)-Book-Taxmann -61st Edition
 Income Tax Act as Amended by Finance Act 2017 -Book-Dr. Girish Ahuja , Dr. Ravi Gupta
Capital GainComputation of Income From CAPITAL GAINS Under Indian Income Tax Law Amended by Finance Act 2017-Book- Ram Dutt Sharma
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Salary IncomeComputation of Income From SALARY -Finance Act 2017-Book-Ram Dutt Sharma
House Property Computation of Income From HOUSE PROPERTY under income tax -book 2017-Ram Dutt Sharma
TDS Ready ReckonerTDS Ready Reckoner -2017 Edition Book-PL Subramanian -Snow White’s
Direct Tax ManualTaxmann’s Direct Taxes Manual – 47 Edition 2017
 Law of Income Tax -Volume 5 – 2017 Edition Book – Sampath Iyengar -S. RAJARATNAM
Income Tax RulesTaxmann’s Income Tax Rules -54th Edition 2017 Book [2 Vols]
Appeal and PetitionLaw and Procedure of Filing of APPEALS – Income tax -2017 Book-Ram Dutt Sharma
 Practical Guide to Appeals and Petitions Under Income Tax Act -2017 Edition Book-Dr. A L Saini
Charitable and Religious Trust Charitable and Religious Trusts & Institutions-2017 Edition Book-S. Rajaratnam -Snow White’s
  Management of Charitable & Religious Trust – Income Tax Law-Book 2017-Ram Dutt Sharma
Depreciation Computation of Depreciation Under Income Tax Act 1961 & Companies Act 2013-Book 2017 Edition-Ram Dutt Sharma
Non ResidentTaxation of Income of NON RESIDENT INDIAN – Amended by Finance Act 2017 -Book-Ram Dutt Sharma
 NRI Ready Reckoner – As amended by Finance Act 2017 -Book-D T Khilnani
JudgmentsTop 100 Income- Tax Rulings of 2016 -5 th Edition 2017 -Taxsutra
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 Book- Guide to New ICDS -AY 2017-18
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